By Pictastic

Reflect on this point, will you

Was keen to get out with the dog this morning so headed to a favourite local park where there is a wee take away kiosk. The prospect of a nice walk with a coffee is very alluring in these times!

On the way back to the car, I noticed how the church spire was reflecting in the snow melt puddle so took a few pics with my phone. It will annoy those with OCD as the white line makes for a squint line-up!

It reminded me of a compass and listening to LBC in the car on the way home, where the chat was about where we’re headed on this horrible Covid crisis, I reflected that if only we had more of a clear direction on where we’re going and when, how it might make things easier to cope with current temporary restrictions.

Anyway, enough of that thinking business and back to keep busy!

See you tomorrow Blip fans :)

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