An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Pine Pearl drops...

Another very foggy day.  Water drops on the pine caught my attention this morning but my camera battery was flat so I had to settle for a quick phone shot out of the window.  Not attempting to go out into the back garden  as the ground is still thick with snow and ice.

Mundane day doing mundane things.  Tesco online shop, tidying up and getting our bedroom organised for our new bed arriving on Friday.  

We got good news today.  Alan's team are now registered for their vaccine's and they also have access to lateral flow tests and will self test at home twice a week.  We also have official access to PPE so no longer have to buy it, as we've been doing since last March.  A massive step forward.

I see our First Minister is trying to dissuade Boris from visiting Scotland.  I can't believe he's even contemplating it during such strict travel restrictions.  It's definitely NOT an essential visit!

Trying to get through my to do list as the yarn for my next crochet blanket will be here next week and my obsession will continue :-)))

Talking of crochet, Nikki sent me the photo of Esme in extras at 7.30 this morning.  Apparently when she gets up in the morning, has breakfast then snuggles under her blanket to watch TV for a little while, to let Nikki get logged on at work and check her emails and work flow for the day.  So cute and I am so chuffed she loves her blanket :-)

I had hoped to have a blip catch up this evening but time has run away with me again.  Definitely tomorrow! 

NB That's not a thumbprint on the shot, it's the pattern of the golf net! :-)

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