Ivy on the Fence

The day started well with an illustrated talk from Polina Plotnikova on the different types of lensbaby optics and the effects they produced. For our 'homework' over the next two weeks she suggested we try out our optics inside the house, practicing. Guess who ignored the advice.

I wanted to try out my Sweet 35mm with a macro converter. Disaster. Couldn't focus on anything. To be honest, today's shot is little better. I was at widest aperture but the photo is still dull. Nothing is truly in focus. I'd already removed the macro converter which didn't seem to do anything. And the focal length was nothing like long enough to capture the squirrel splayed out on the oak tree that Basil and I saw on our walk. He had a mate up the tree, which has a large hole where they probably R&R.

For supper, I roasted a couple of quail, or were they partridges, that we'd bought at the fish stall 2-3 weeks ago. I looked up recipes. Disaster. They were tough and chewy with precious little meat on them.

Still, as Scarlett O'Hara was wont to say, Tomorrow is another day.

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