Dirty Window

This blackbird was the only living thing I saw today. It rained more or less all day. And it was windy. The temperature rose more than 10°C. All the snow is gone. Not a day to go outside.

Before I started working from home occacionally last year, someone said I would easily have spare time to clean windows or do other housework. Best joke of the year! If there's people out there who have to time to do so - I don't. I'm glued to the desk all day. In the office I get around a lot more. If I dare to go to the bathroom or get a cup of tea or coffee, you can be assured there's the next phone call and it won't stop ringing until I answer it. It's crazy. It's nice not to be forced to commute every day in these times, but the advantages and disadvantages of working from home balance each other. (And I see the disadvantages more when I don't get my daily walk like today.)

I started running on the spot every hour right next to the desk (to make the Fitbit happy) and managed over 5200 steps until now. At least something...

19:15; 11°C(!)

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