curns' corner

By curns


We have a paper napkin holder that’s usually sat on the table where we eat. PY really likes it. It’s got a feel of an old American diner: it small, stainless steel and holds a pack of cheap napkins. It doesn’t really fit with the decor of the room. There are no neon signs, leatherette seating or stainless steel counters surrounding it. I look at it and I imagine the kind of movie where somebody behind the counter knows my name and serves me a coffee from a pot. And maybe they come over to where I sit on roller skates, coffee in hand, asking me if I want the pancakes.

But it is part of the furniture. I guess it’s not the most environmentally friendly thing but we do use the recycled paper versions. Trying to decide what was today’s picture I saw this, thought of those roller skates and tried to take a picture. I couldn’t get what I wanted and was about to give up when I noticed one of the shots had the top of the napkin floating away from the holder. To me, it looked like it was blowing in the wind and, for that reason alone, it’s today’s picture.

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