Two steps forward...

By stevvi


This photo is the sort of contrived nonsense that I really don’t like. My camera club has announced “Glass” as the theme for the next competition in the series so I have in my mind a wonderfully wild photo of an old (looking) bottle, half buried the estuary mud and draped with seaweed with a background of sunrise/dramatic sky/whatnot etc… ermm, that’s very cheesy and a bit contrived too, but it could work! The problem is that I don’t have an old (looking) bottle so, for reasons only known to my lunatic subconscious, I decide a fantastically clean and shiny glass tankard type thing would do as a substitute. Not only that, I then I filled it with oyster shells from the beach and ended up with this shot which, whilst pleasant enough, is really nothing like what I had intended! Still, I have nearly 4 weeks to sort something else out but this’ll do as a reserve in case I don’t take better.

As little side note, while I was photographing this tankard in a slightly different place just as the sun was coming up, a bait digger (as seen in this photo) decided to start rummaging around about 15 meters directly in front me knowing full well he was in my shot. I just kept on taking pics as I like people in in my photos, so after a minute he just wandered off. I don’t like to think the worst of people but I’m quite sure he knew exactly what he was doing and simply gave up when I didn’t react.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

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