By Ridgeback13


A much better day. Couple of good conversations early on, one especially that gave me some useful (although maddening!) insights and an opportunity to change a couple of things that have been annoying L and I recently. Fingers crossed!
A board meeting the rest of the morning...managed to multi-task through most of it and made progress on the draft of our plan.
After lunch Ad came round and, suitably masked up, I helped him move to his new flat. Gave me quite a bit of exercise by the time we’d carried all the boxes to the car from his old room then up and down 2 floors into the new place. Took him to the supermarket as well, then home to pick up my old TV and dropped him off with it and boxes of home baking and lasagne to set him up for the
next couple of days til his friend arrives who he’s sharing with.
Home and finished the plan then called T and chatted about his garden and the mud and rain he’s battling with at the moment, then A on her way home who’s had her first vaccine today (in the same building it was developed in!), then ‘joined’ Mt&H and the kids as they finished their supper (but Mx was protesting about vegetables here!). AR had been up to the top shelf in her bedroom and got the face paints out and turned herself into an Ice Queen. She told me that she’d been learning about trigrams today in her home school work which, she told me in her best teacher voice, were where three letters sounded like one...”like ‘igh’, Dodo” she said, slightly patronisingly! So cute.
I had a rather retro dinner (Delia’s Italian baked cod followed by jelly, peaches and cream). No idea why I’d taken a fancy to that dessert...I think because K had mentioned tinned peaches the other day. Haven’t had them for ages. Watched all 6 episodes of The Investigation in the evening...very slow and Nordic but really good and had me gripped,
Much better day today...I suspect because of that real human contact with Ad and the connections of this morning’s call and the chats with the kids. I need people!

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