By Frommotherearth

More wintery weather

I was out his morning before dawn for my daily exercise with my camera as usual. I parked up in my car in the semi darkness at the location not far from my house and thought I'll sit here for five minutes before I set out in the hope the wind and sleet would die down a little.

Ten minutes later the wind had seemed to calm a little so I got out of my car with an extra coat on and made my way up the hill I had to traverse. I could not believe my eyes when I got up there in fact I had to rub the snow and sleet out of my eyes as there was a man sitting on rock underneath a large umbrella. The wind really was howling and the it was very wintery and open.

I passed the usual pleasantries with him before I moved on and looking back I should have taken a picture of him really because that's not something you see very often up there.

I caught a glimpse of the young stags a mile or so further on looking for fodda amongst the snow and sleet. They are warm enough in there three or more inch thick winters coats.

It looks like we are going to have more snow locally in the coming days which I'm happy enough with as long as it's proper snow not the wet mushy stuff we had today..

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