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By Sallymair


Not a very nice day again today but it did brighten up occasionally. This lovely little lamppost is in a garden just down the road from us and every time I see it it reminds me of Narnia.
I keep expecting Mr Tumnus to appear! The weather is about right for eternal winter just now.
Today seeing the lamp on during the daytime reminded me to replace the batteries in our outdoor lights, which we have kept up. I was going to take them down at Candlemas, which is tomorrow, but I think they can stay a bit longer, they're so cheery in the dark nights.

I had to drive through Davidsons Mains today. I was astounded to see so many people. It made me realise how lucky we are to be so quiet. The road is busy with traffic but the people are easy to avoid.
I met a couple from our bridge club who were telling me, safely masked (auto correct changed that to naked.!!! I don't know what they think we get up to in Davidsons Mains, I was tempted to leave it to see if anybody noticed!) and keeping a distance all three - that they had had their vaccine. It's rolling out. What a nonsense is going on just now between us and EU about vaccines. We'll get there though.

We had another delicious stirfry for dinner and I've made a big pot of chicken and leek soup. Somebody was talking on their blip about cup of soups or similar from our childhood. Knorr used to make a very tasty powdered chicken and leek which was my favourite! No powder in this one though and home made chicken stock too.

We watched Michael Palin's Himalaya this evening, so good to see somewhere relatively unspoiled. It made me sad though when they were taking about death and the afterlife, to hear one of the local people say 'We believe that....' which tends to suggest they are aware that what they believe is not the case for everybody. In the past if asked the same question, the answer would have been a statement.

Keep safe and well everybody, we are getting there, people are being vaccinated and the cases are going down. It's working - we just have to keep following the rules.

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