The Lozarithm Lens

By Lozarithm


Lizzy and Lucifer featured in several of the shots I took of the building works on the house, because I only had to point a camera at the side of the building for a small furry object to stride into front centre stage. However, it was 18 months sice I had set out to actually record them, so when Lizzy was trying out the newly-weatherproofed garden table for comfort I ventured out to record the event in the front yard.

(Taken with a Pentax K1000, using a Pentax 24-35mm lens, on Kodacolor VR100 negative film, ISO 100, scanned on a printer-copier-scanner from a TriplePrint)


Lizzy series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Face To Face (1992)

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