The Next Chapter!

By carol_dunham


A house viewing with eldest this morning...well looking at a couple of show homes on a new development and a walk around to see the semi built one he’s possibly interested in. House prices have gone through the roof round here this last year as they’re in such great demand...I’ve a feeling he could be home for some time!

The buzzard took off in front of us as we drove down the track home...he didn’t stop to let me attempt a photo though. Filled the feeders ready for doing the Big Garden Birdwatch this afternoon...I had to refill the sunflower hearts as they’d emptied it before I started counting! Varying amounts of long tailed, blue, great and coal tits along with blackbirds, robins, chaffinches and sparrows were all spotted with a seagull flypast. Unusually the goldfinches didn’t drop by for tea nor the woodpecker.

The dishevelled blue tit won the day...a collage in extras of more blue tits and some deer which put in a cameo appearance on the other side of the dean.

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