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Mono ........

 .......... Monday367  (MM367)  -  hosted by Carolina (thank you) with the optional challenge of " Low Key - Animal "

More Whispery ......

The chances of me getting Whisper to pose is less than zero so I had to do a sneaky shot while he's snoozing on our bed.

He's very mopey today as Himself was taken into hospital at midnight with severe abdominal pain.   I had to lock him (Whisper, not Himself - lol) in the kitchen while the ambulance staff were here so, when I was able to let him out, Himself was gone - poor Whisper ran frantically round the house looking for him - I felt so guilty.

I had a call from Himself at 06.00 - he's on the surgical ward, waiting to see the doc.  Still in pain but that has been eased with medication.   
Now just waiting for updates as and when.    
I'm somewhat worried with the CV19 thing as he has some underlying conditions and has not yet been called forward for the vaxie.   Fingers crossed.

Don't feel much like smiling so it's weird place names again ..........

Thong  -  Kent, UK

Slackbottom  -  Nr Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK

Upperthong  -  Nr. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK


~ Anni ~

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