Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

A pair of lovebirds

Oops, I nearly said something else there!

Does a pair count as 'multiples'?  I'm guessing it does, and my thanks to PinkhairedLady for hosting today are certainly multiple, so here is my entry.

These little silver earrings come on elegant long hooks making them lovely and dangly.  K gave them to me for my birthday last year.

As you can see, once again it's an indoor shot.  We did have a few drips of sunshine but I had to stay in all morning waiting for the surveyor to come and do his stuff on the windows.  They won't actually be replaced until the end of April but at least I now have a date in the diary - woo hoo!

The only none-woohoo thing about today has been a rather severe headache, so comments tonight will be approaching vanishing point.  I am so sorry.

And thank you for being so kind to Hazel yesterday.

Have a good evening  xx

RIP Capt. Sir Tom Moore

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