By Pictastic

Ah well, I can but dream..

The first thing my husband said this morning was ‘let’s go to Barcelona!’ Before sarcastically adding ‘oh no we can’t’ (that’s his humour folks).

It reminded me though of this lovely piece I bought in Barcelona a few years ago which is like a box postcard (if that even is a thing) so it’s the subject of my blip today.

I just love the sentiment - I mean it really is always a good idea, just a pity we can’t actually make it a reality yet. It’s still one of my favourite cities. Viva Barcelona! I also love the smiley-faced sun. By contrast this place was grim today. Nicola Sturgeon was politicking on TV which I tuned into for 5 mins then turned off. Outside was horrible: cold, wet and awful. I went out on my bike (crazy idea!) for a short while in the afternoon and in the evening we had a Japanese takeaway and cake for yet another lockdown birthday.

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