By SamAgainPlease

Self Portrait in two mirrors

Now here's a curious thing... It's two photos stitched together using focus stacking software - who'd've thought!

I was taking another bathroom shot later today (as part of the one square metre challenge) and noticed my partner's adhesive makeup mirror stuck to the regular mirror.  Inspired by a desire to redo my tap self portrait (the extra from the other day) I wondered if.... so worked out how to take the middle shot.  I was a little disappointed when I realised that I needed to back far enough away such that the image was going to be upside down.

As I was taking the inner one I realised I was also being reflected in the normal mirror (well of course, they're on the same plane aren't they) so I decided to put my recently-not-yet-purchased software to the test and took the second (outer) one using a different focus setting.

Chucked them into the software and voila...

I'm not vain by the way, I just have no willing volunteers!

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