House of flowers and cards.

I had a lovely day yesterday although it started very early!
We went with the grandchildren and their mum,(their dad was working up
in our little office cum bedroom) into Sutton Park to do what we all the “bridge” walk by Bracebridge Pool.
This consists of a winding path through the trees which border the pool itself, with several small wooden plank “bridges” which straddle various small gulleys and slowly draining streams, along the way.
They loved the mud and the puddles, plus counting the, what I have really loosely termed bridges, as they really do look like sections of timber planking put into place.
Eventually it opens out once again on the edge of the large pool, at a point where, during summer months, groups congregate at times to paddle or swim. There is a small island in the middle of the pool and the most hardy swim out there.
It is listed as dangerous to do so, but the inviting prospect is too hard to resist for many of them!
There is a life belt on the shoreline.
There are many ancient trees in this section of the 2,400 acre National Nature Reserve.
Our granddaughter wrote a little acrostic this morning during their time looking at school work.
Tall Trees
Rustle of leaves
Ever standing
Ever green trees.
The pool itself was calm and still with mistiness hanging in the air surrounding it.
I had various friends knocking at the door with lovely gifts and flowers.
I feel really spoiled!
I have daffodils and tulips, a beautiful bouquet (main photo), daffodil bulbs in a pot, and a lovely flowering plant from my next door neighbours.
Thankyou to all of you who commented and left hearts!
I love this Blip community.
It is such an encouraging place to be.
One of the highlights of yesterday for our grandchildren was seeing the wild Exmoor ponies which were introduced to the Park over 10 years ago now, I think.
They were right by the side of the tarmac road as we were driving to one of the gates, which also have cattle grids, in order to keep them within the boundaries.
The whole of the huge area of the Park perimeter is fenced.
Later in the evening we sat down with our son and his wife to watch the latest of the films based on “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier.
I loved the cinematography and the settings.
Kristin Scott Thomas as Mrs Danvers was superb.
Lovely way to end my birthday day.
Extra of some of the ponies.

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