Yogurt and cream cheese

All homemade by me my new thing making my own live yogurt I put a probiotic in with the cooled milk then put it in a large neck flask then keep it in the airing cupboard for 12 hours. And you end up with set yogurt I make it every 3 days saving a spoonful of made yogurt as a starter for the next batch. The cream cheese is made but putting the yogurt into a muslin bag hang it up to drip overnight and in the morning you have cream cheese and whey and this you can put in a jar in the fridge for 6 months good for cakes and sourdough
I am having the live yogurt for my gut seems acid is helped by having a good gut flora
So this is me now. I love it. A Witch report says most supermarket live yogurt is dead due to processing and storage. So thought I should make my own. Look up online how to.

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