Ziggy the Husky

Ziggy the Husky was an extra volunteer on the team this morning. She kept watch while her dad got his jab. I met a lovely man called Mr Sunshine who told me he’d changed his name for his late wife 50 years ago. He has 6 daughters and 4 grand daughters and was quite the storyteller.

I got chatted up by a sprightly and cheeky 94 year old. He was such a character and saluted me when he arrived. Such chivalry too. They don’t make ‘em like that any more!

Thankful for a dry volunteer shift this morning and it was mild too. Spent the rest of the day decluttering and sorting electrical items for my tip run next week. Keen to get motivated to have a really good sort out.

Family zoom this evening for my bro in law’s birthday. Lovely to catch up with mum, dad and my bro’s. Chinwag with my friend afterwards and she confessed she’d had a mega strop today which resulted in her throwing a favourite saucepan on the floor leaving it dented. Well we’ve all been there with tantrums lately haven’t we?

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