Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Watery Landmarks

Taking advantage of the reasonably good weather and the need for some essential shopping (milk and tonight's dinner!), I stopped off at the Barossa Nature Reserve for a walk.

My entrance onto the reserve takes you into the miliary training area use by all three armed forces, especially those training at the nearby Sandhust Millitary Academy. I wanted to head into the Bagshot Common area, but it was all rather wet and muddy with huge puddles, particularly the entrances to the common (extra).  Instead I kept to the main paths until eventually I managed to find a dryish route get onto common as I made my way back.

Navigating my way back was easy ... I only had to keep heading toward the Bagshot Radio Mast.  Keeping my feet dry not so much, and I discovered that my boots need reproofing!  Still eventually I reached another landmark discovered last year. Though, as you can see, it is now surrounded by big puddles.  My feet got even wetter as I found my route off the common was through that gate  in the extra!!

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