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By fotoflingscot

Christopher Plummer R.I.P

Today’s Blip is composed in honour of the great actor and fine gentleman, Christopher Plummer who died yesterday aged 91. 

The first time I saw Christopher Plummer was in the role of Captain Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music” at the Dominion Theatre on 12th April 1966 (see ticket).
 I was 14 at the time and on holiday to London with my parents. We travelled from Insch in Aberdeenshire and for a teenager from the country this was an amazing experience.  The film was presented as a “Roadshow Screening” (separate performances, higher prices and the film had Overture, Intromission, Entr'acte music). It was projected in Todd-AO (70mm) on a 46 feet wide screen with a 5 feet curvature which gave breathtaking clarity. The Sound of Music played at the Dominion for over 3 years ! (from 29th March 1965 to 31st June 1968).  
On returning home to Insch in Aberdeenshire I rushed out to buy the LP of the film and saw it again in Aberdeen many times after it was released nationwide but the Dominion experience was truly unforgettable. 

And the DVD in the shot is of the film “Beginners” which we’ll re-watch tonight. Christopher Plummer gained an Oscar for his performance in the film as an elderly man who announces to his son (played by Ewan McGregor) that he has terminal cancer, also that he is gay and has a young male lover. He became the oldest person to win a competitive Oscar.  
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye  Mr P!

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