Marking Time

By Libra

The Great Big Art exhibition

After seeing my favourite sculptor Antony Gormley on telly last night advocating we all release “ our inner child” and take part in the Great Big Art exhibition, I decided to give it a go.
I found this old piece of work buried at the back of the garage.  So this afternoon I gave it a dust down, applied some fresh paint and put it outside where it will remain for the next two weeks.
Anubis, the Egyptian dog and god of mummification, inspired it. This mythical creature had many roles; one of his most prominent was as a god who ushered dead souls into the afterlife. (  I wonder how  history will mark the passing of souls today?)
The project will run until the end of April and every two weeks different famous artists will choose a theme. Gormley’s picked “dogs”.
This is apt in view of the importance dogs have played in so many of our lives during lockdown.
For more information go to :  BBCNews
 and  First site

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