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did you know - the golden age of jigsaw puzzles - was approximately the 1930s - this was before the advent of die-cut (stamped) cardboard puzzles - most puzzles were made of wood - hand-cut using a scroll saw - remarkably the wood was - approximately ¼” thick - with the end of the roaring twenties - and the onset of the great depression - people were looking for cheap - alternatives for entertainment - a jigsaw puzzle craze exploded worldwide - calvin coolidge, king george v and benito mussolini were all avid puzzlers

by the early 40’s - and the advent of world war II - the craze had died down and - die-cut puzzles were now hitting the market - the art and popularity of the - hand-cut puzzle subsequently waned significantly

liberty puzzles - like the one shown here - are a throwback - to the golden age of jigsaw puzzles - the intricate, wooden pieces - of craftsmanship and collectors - prize these puzzles for the heft - of the pieces and - the satisfaction gotten from - plunking a wooden - piece into place - i can’t say i’m an avid puzzler - yet receiving this puzzle as a gift - opening the box and fingering - the contents has given - me a sense of urgency - for the desire of wanting - to figure it out - get it right - fit the pieces together - and feel the satisfaction - of a job well done - and in so doing know it has been...


happy day.....

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