Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


Top: male
Bottom: female

These are both Eastern Towhees. One male one female. Ordinarily I see the male from time to time, but every time I see him and turn to grab my camera - which sits by the door so I can grab it FAST - he flies away before I can get a single shot of him. And her? I almost never see her. So this morning I was passing the door and there he was. I grabbed the camera and got exactly two shots off before he was gone. About five minutes later I passed the door again and there SHE was! She actually stayed long enough for me to get several shots. They are year round residents, but although I hear them a lot in spring and summer (they sing: Drink your TEA!) I rarely see them because they're not basically feeder birds unless the pickings are really slim. They used to be called "Rufous-sided Towhee" which is what they were called when I identified my first one many years ago - well before I thought of myself as any kind of birder. And then at some point the name changed to Eastern Towhee. I don't suppose they care one way or the other.

He's handsome, but she's the loveliest warm brown and orange!

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