Weather dreadful temptation at all to get up and out, but after a lie in I did get a loop right round the Meadows on my way to pick up a Semla bun (extra - bit early for 'Fat Tuesday' next week when they're traditionally the cake of the day)) from Soderberg. Home to enjoy that with coffee before starting A Big Clean of the kitchen and sitting room. Listened to the end of the Fleishman book on my walk and whilst clearing the shelves...really enjoyed the way it wrapped up. Washed and polished and hoovered and scrubbed my way through both rooms, including cleaning the microwave and oven (Lakeland’s oven cleaning gel is really fabulous!). Once again the level of excitement during this lockdown knows no bounds!
Chatted/texted to K and A at various points in the day but otherwise a(nother) solitary day but at least I’m living in less of a mess. Not sure I can be bothered continuing with bedroom and bathroom tomorrow though.
Made some lemon drizzle buns then had salmon supper and watched The White Tiger film...rather good and very strong depiction of India in all its contradictions and complexity. Wasn’t tired so ended up staying up very new coffee is perhaps a bit too caffeinated!

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