Drops of snow

Woke up several times in the night so ended up sleeping in til late. Had breakfast ‘with’ A as we both drank tea and made toast and thought about what to do today. We decided to start with a walk and I got togged up and headed to Corstorphine Hill and over through the woods in a big loop via Barnton Quarry (thanks to SallyMair for the suggestion!). It was cold but I was wrapped up warm and enjoying listening to Luckenbooth, the next book group book. I didn’t really know exactly where to go but I just followed my nose and managed a good 4mile loop, sometimes with flurries of snow but nothing was settling. The ground at one stage was carpeted with early shoots of snowdrops, but very few were already in bloom like these, so I was pleased to see my first patch.
Home and enjoyed some tea and a couple of the lemon drizzle buns I’d made last night, then did some emails and reading and had a couple of long chats with Mt and with DF, then time to finish off making dinner and settled down to watch Countryfile and the Pottery throwdown...classic Sunday night stuff!

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