Up and out early (before 10) as the weather didn't know what it wanted to do. Even though it was very cold and windy I decided to do my favourite walk round the canal. This junk yard is at the end of the path to Crooke before getting on the canal. I have taken lots of photos of it before but today it makes it to blip as I've nothing better! I was sure it was going to snow as there were snowflakes on the wind.
I had two hard phone calls but it's so nice supporting people. The first a friend of a friend whose husband died suddenly Christmas Day and the second my friend Mary telling me her sister's husband died suddenly 2 weeks ago. As Simon died suddenly I can empathise with them and try and give them support. I've told Mary that I'm happy for her sister to ring me. 
I had a lovely video call with Kate and a great Skype with the besties. A lot of laughter at our answers to the quiz we always have. I know I've said it before but I am so fortunate to have found a great bunch of supportive women. We have Skyped twice a week since last march! 
Definitely the days are getting longer. I was up just after 7 this morning making a cup of tea and it was light!

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