By Diarised

It is the little things ....

I couldn’t resist yet another needle minder as this one was so tiny!   Wish I was clever enough to to make things this tiny and intricate.

At least I get good use from these so having several doesn’t seem like too much of an indulgence.

It was another chilly day for us but still no snow.  I shouldn’t really moan about it being cold though as my sister sent me a message to say it is -37c there, brrrrr!  They are under an Extreme Cold Weather warning for the next few days.

I had a frustrating day at work of playing about with code and not really getting anywhere - mainly because it is all a bit beyond me! Think I’ll set that aside for a bit and get on with something else so I can feel a bit more productive. It is always so frustrating to spend hours on something and not really make much progress.

It was also a sad day as one of my favourite colleagues and a lovely friend finished work today.  I’ll miss her on a personal level and she will also be massively missed on the work front as she has done an epic job for us for years.  It is such a shame that we are all still in lockdown and we don’t live close to each so that we can’t meet up. I will just have to look forward to regular coffee catch-ups in the future.

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