One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Gate of Hell

or Slowly Losing the Will to Live. 

Agatha casts a few suspicious glances left and right. She has been giving out to anyone who's come within three meters of her faux-fur coat. She spots an opening and dives for the lamb/pork section of the fridge 

She is half way through reshuffling the lamb chops section. The freshest one are at the back, it's a well know fact. 

The visual inspections of the dozen packs that were at the back is progressing well. She compares colour, thickness of the chops, fat/meat ratio and overall integrity of the packaging 

She has narrowed down her selection to a shortlist of 5 promising specimens. 
She compares them side by side in turn and takes notes scrupulously. I think she has some sort of scoring system with progressive elimination. 

She finally has selected the finalists. I feel like we are getting somewhere

Oh bollix, she has just taken out the pocket DNA testing kit. 
I'll explain to the kids that we can't have pork dumplings this week. We'll have fish instead. 

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