By FotoAlex

Incoming snow

That's not fog in the distance -- it's falling snow. A snowstorm was expected to start this afternoon, get bad at night and continue into tomorrow morning. I went for my walk and got caught in some of it. It didn't start too bad but got worse at night.

I grabbed a bacon and maple (syrup) latte from the coffee shop for Jill. I had a couple of sips. It's very good.

I applied for four jobs today. I don't know what my luck will be. One I am absolutely qualified for and feel confident I will at least hear back. The others, I am not sure. Yesterday a co-worker told us during our weekly virtual game night that she had accepted a new job and starts at the end of the month. She'll be designing for the Los Angeles Times. What a move! I asked what her pay was, and suffice it to say, she should be able to save up a lot of money working remotely in Phoenix before they reopen the L.A. office when the pandemic ends.

At first I was upset and depressed. I want a good job like that. But my job is for designers, not editors. Yes, we editors play vital roles in the company, but we don't gain any skills. We don't have the portfolios the designers have. I can name several designers who moved onto prominent jobs after ours, but I can't name any editors who did.

After the depression subsided, I got angry, then inspired. I applied for two jobs that I'd saved from last week and found two others. Cross your fingers, friends.

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