By RegardsFromEdin

Cameo Quote

I walked past the Cameo cinema on route to the Post Office to send a card to a friend who has a 'significant' birthday next week.  The Cameo's quote is from The Truman Show. In the movie, Truman  Burbank's catch phrase is "In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night".  In the 1998 movie, Truman discovers that for 30 years he has been living in a fake world and is the 'star' of a reality TV show.  Ultimately he must decide between accepting the artifical world he knows or venturing into the unknown in pursuit of truth.  

It'll be good to get back to cinema and the Cameo post Covid.

The snow on the ground is still lying thickly and it's starting to get a bit icy where the snow has compacted.  

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