What price security?

It actually costs very little. This camera, recommended by our high tech IT expert Son Daniel, has two way speech, Night Vision, motion detection (the whole ball moves to track the movement), constant recording (I have a 64gb micro SD card in there which is overwritten when it gets full. If you want to keep a record you'd need to change the card or have a recording device on your phone).

Connects, and is powered by, a USB connector which goes into a USB Mains plug. Works on WiFi and controlled by your phone. It says to use an app called Tayo (I think it was), terrible reviews, all 1 star and bad comments. Daniel said to ignore it and use the 'Smart Life' app that we use for our WiFi mains plugs (very handy, especially at Christmas when you have multiple lights, Christmas tree etc.).
I was going to drill through the wall but I'd need a bigger drill than I have to get the USB plug through. Again it was Daniel that suggested, as it is a fairly flat cable, just put it through the wind frame. I put it close to the window for that reason plus if you ever need to reset it I can do it through the open window rather than getting the ladders out again! 

And for Crispin25, yes, I did go up the ladder but it was secure at the bottom and I didn't need to lean across to do the drilling and screwing. I'd moved the ladder, in the picture, to open the window to do the cable.
But yes, it was very cold up there!


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