By misterbee

piano girl at glasgow science centre

Weather poor again during my Easter days off work, so rainy day plan number 2 kicked in.

Brilliant time at the glasgow science centre - we arrived at about 11ish and were about the last to leave just before 5.00.

Loads of entertainment for Ross and Anna - this piano was a big hit.

We also entered the egg launch experiment where you construct an egg protector in your team, then your egg is dropped from about 30 feet. Ours didn't make it, but Ross was our team leader and did a brilliant job (I think an unplanned twist in our eggs descent delivered a sideways impact that killed our effort -so the rapid burst blips I took of it tell me anyway)- (CSI Govan!).

Not decided what tomorrows plans but had a brilliant time today so a tough one to beat!

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