By jennym999

Barge Walk

L3 Day 55 It looks sunny but it was cold with a bitter wind! Cycled along Barge Walk...this is the path from Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court. It’s about 2.5 miles as it goes round a big bend in the river. It is still part of the Hampton Court estate and has been for over 500 years. Until the 18C the river was the main transport from London to Hampton Court and royal visitors to the Palace travelled in elaborate state barges. From the 19C with the railways at Kingston and Hampton Court there were more visitors and also more pleasure boats. The path was shared by horses towing barges...hence the name Barge Walk. Now a busy path for cyclists and walkers..not a barge in sight! However in nice weather, and pre-Covid it is a busy stretch of the river with rowers, canoeists and various sailing boats plus river boat cruises and private motor boats. Looking across to Kingston not much happening on the ‘Riverside’ today- usually lots of busy restaurants but only a few open for takeaways.

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