Burradoo Journal

By Burradoo

A little bit of media history

On my walk this morning I noticed one weekend paper lying in a neighbour’s driveway, where the delivery person had thrown it.

A few years ago there would have been a lot more of them around our streets on a Saturday morning. But now I suppose most of us read our papers online rather than in print, or we get our news from social media and don’t read newspapers at all.
A second thing that has changed is the size of the paper. A few years ago the Sydney Morning Herald would have taken up two fat rolls on a Saturday. Much of it would have been classified ads – real estate, cars for sale, jobs, entertainment and the rest. Now those are all online and the Herald is a single roll..
As for the delivery person, kerb crawling in a ute and tossing the papers into the driveways, the job can hardly be worth their while. Another casualty of changes in the media.

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