Yesterday, Ton asked if I would like to come to Holwerd today to capture the sunset. I planned my day around this event and managed to tick off  all the other stuff that needed to be done before leaving for Holwerd.

When we arrived at the scene, I realized it wasn't going to be easy. The ice sheets that had been there the day before, were probably swept away with the tide. The idea was to get a wide-angle shot with a sheet of ice on the foreground and then more chunks of ice fading away into the background. Since that wasn't going to happen, I decided to use this occasion to test my new 100-400 lens. There weren't that many clouds but by zooming (and cropping) I could still get them to fill up a larger portion of the shot. I also softened the image.

It was fun being out there with Yolanda, Ton, Herman and Peter. Thanks all for showing up, it was so nice being out for photography again.

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