Life through the lens...

By ValC

Walk in the park

Another beautiful sunrise, but it soon clouded over.
Today feels even colder as the wind is stronger. Still we wrapped up well, and went out for a walk calling for a Yorkshire Post on the way back. 
We still have quite a covering of snow which just isn't melting as the temp. is still -2C.
I haven't taken a photo of the park for a while, and certainly not covered in snow.
Let's hope they will be able to play bowls again on the green this summer.

For a while now the Yorkshire Post have been asking the public to send in poems. This one, in today's paper, I really liked,  and I  thought you might like it too. 

Coffee Break
by Beryl Richardson,
Skelton in Cleveland.

Snow starts to fall, as it hits 
  the ground all is silent -
The birds take shelter in the
  old gnarled tree
Cold out there - warm in here
   for me
The wind picks up and leaves
  start to dance
Birds swing on the feeders as
  if in a trance
The sky turns grey, more snow
  to come -
But I'm warm and safe here in 
  my little home
Not a bird to be seen now-
  a cat walks up the path and
  circles around the frozen
The birds are too wise to be
  there today-
No fun here, the cat strolls
My coffee break over I return
  to my chores
Warm in here   --  cold outdoors.

Stay warm and safe everyone, and have a good weekend.

PS.  Added extra phot of last nights meal. Really yummy, but ordered too much as usual so ended up pogged! 

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