By Khronos

Two new games

I've borrowed two new games from friends, recently. Dishonored is sorta fun, but not worth buying for $60.00. It has a sorta cool story. The main thing I like is the sneak aspect of it. The graphics suck, which surprised me, because it was made by the same people who made Skyrim, which has unbelievable graphics. Now for COD: Black Ops 2, that game is pretty awesome! MW3 graphics (Still not better than Battlefield 3!) which are cool, and the story line is pretty nice, though a bit depressing/sad. The multiplayer experience is pretty nice. I like the killstreak rewards better than Black Ops 1. I haven't tried Zombies yet, but I didn't like the zombies of Black Ops 1, and they look sorta the same for this game. Pretty cool!

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