By Ridgeback13


The day dawned dull and grey and just as I was contemplating what to do over a cup of tea and a hot cross bun, Mt called for a chat as they ate breakfast. AR had made H a 'bracelet' (more like a wide paper cuff - showing front and back before joining into a circle in extra) for Valentine's day and they had special pancakes and doughnuts. Looked delicious - and great fun. AR and Mx also showed me their latest game - pretending the sitting room floor is made of lava and they have to jump across the furniture without putting their feet onto the lava carpet. Seems to be based on some TV programme and they both love it although AR slightly scares herself.
I decided to walk through town rather than in the park or beach for a change and constructed a little route for myself by walking down to hazelh and mrhazelh's flat to take them some marmalade. We had a very convivial chat over coffee in/outside of the new hut which was rather splendid - and the garden's really coming on well.
Afterwards, walked home a slightly different way - listening to Luckenbooth again. I really like listening to it as I walk the city as references to so many of the places around me crop up quite often. Managed 4 miles - 3rd day in a row, and today no hip pain which was great.
Once home I tried to change a lightbulb in the kitchen ceiling but can't seem to get it out and none of the egs on youtube have the same type of connection as mine. Face-timed T to try and get him to advise but tricky to hold the phone and fiddle with the light fitting whilst also balancing on the stepladder! We gave up and talked about the football he was watching (his team Southampton lost again!) and the likelihood of  them being able to visit sometime.
Read through a pile of job applications in the afternoon - not very inspiring - and did some other prep and catch up, relaxed over another couple of episodes of Fortitude and made my ginormous Sunday roast which will probably keep me going all week with leftovers!

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