By LincolnWarrior


No sunrise blip today but I did see signs of a pink sky when I was awaken by Minstrel jumping up the curtains or it could have been Julie screaming as he jumped from the bed to the curtains. Once he was given food I went back to bed. 
We decided to head to Hartsholme park to search out a blip it is 4.5 miles across the city so still local in my view. Quite a few other people had the same idea We walked around a very frozen lake see extra , I like the way it has frozen with ripples from the water. As we walked around I spotted a rat sat on the ice but before I could grab a shot it swam off under a tree . I then spotted it again and was able to get a shot but the camera focused on the branch so not the sharpest shot .
Afterwards wanting to give the car a run I drove back via the bypass as all the short runs would not be doing the car much good. 
Back home in the warm watching Football this afternoon . Plans are to watch a film again tonight 

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