A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

D Day :: MMC21

"Wot you got there Fred?' asked John
"It's me tanner" said Fred
"Tanner?" said John
"Yea, me sixpenny bit, it is, you know a sixpence" said Fred
"Na, it's a two and a half penny now Fred" said John
"Don't be daft, how can I sing 'Sing a song of two and a half pence, a pocket full of rye'..?"

Fifty years since decimalisation day on 15th February 1971. The humble 6d/Sixpence/Tanner/Sixpenny Bit became 2 1/2p. It first came into circulation in 1551 with the final mint in 1970. It remained in circulation from 1971 until 1980 when it ceased to be legal tender and found its way into many children's jam jars with their grandparents saying, 'keep that it will be worth something one day...'

Also in the photo are the 2 versions of the 5p we have had since.

Day 15 of my self imposed Mono Month Challenge for 2021.

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