Reikes small life...

By Reike

Sick fox day...

Last night, Djeili had acted as she does when a fox is around, at an old, half-rotten barn by the lake. This morning she jumped straight in, in a way that I knew, the fox is indeed inside! 

Called her out and had a look - and there it was, a very sick and obviously dying fox. Fur looking very bad... 

I googled the local gamekeeper and only 5 minutes later he pulled up in his car (he had actually just been driving past me when I ventured out). One look of his was sufficient to confirm that the fox was suffering from fox mange. He took his rifle from his car and shot him :( 

At least the little fox did not have to suffer anymore... It was a young one, from last year. I am not a fan of hunting at all, but calling the gamekeeper had been the best thing to do.

Pictured a wine bottle that I got from a good friend - he grew the grapes, made the wine and designed the bottle by himself. It was tasty! 

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