Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

A Day of Two Halves

If you'd have asked me this morning if today was a good day, I would have said a categorical no. For annoying reasons I was still awake at 2am today, and woke twice between then and my alarm at 7:05am, only to roll out of bed to discover that I couldn't access the work VPN. 2 completely fruitless hours of updates and swearing later and I was finally back online and so far behind in my work because of a combo of the VPN issue today, email issues yesterday and Friday's sick. Then I ruined my soup lunch accidentally and had to bin it, so I was in a pretty bad mood. Thing is, all it takes is lovingly made pancakes and a good movie to turn a day around for me, and luckily this evening had both. I love pancake day.

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