By dogwithnobrain

Up against the sky made a silhouette show

On 21st October 2004, Joe Tree took a photo on his way to work, and decided to challenge himself by documenting his life; one photo per day.  

He shared his photos with his friends. 

His friends liked the idea and asked to join in. 

Joe's idea became a social website with one focus: One Photo every Day, taken that day (unless we cheat or caught out). 

those friends shared with their friends, and what started out as a little tree, grew strong and heavy with branches. 

and now.... it's a company  .... owned by those who take the photos, and run by a lovely team of volunteers who also take photos. 

I sit in my wee corner and document my little life.  I don't partake too much in challenges or discussions.  I renew my membership.  I smile at my share certificate and for the last 11 years, I've faithfully taken a photo and shared it with the Blip community. 

I've brought quite a few people on board - friends from other Social media and family.   Remember we used to have a wee family tree?  I loved that. I was so proud of my wee collection. I think i had 14 branches. 


here's a tree. 

To celebrate that little seedling which grew to be a great big tree. 

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