Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Spooky house

Today Max and I walked down a muddy pathway that runs alongside the golf course and around the local streets, we found the cemetery with never been in and I was intrigued by the appearance of this house.

My days are pretty repetitive at the moment, I walk 8000 steps as a minimum in two walks one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I spend about half an hour doing my physio, I practice my DJing, practice my ukulele and the piano. I see to emails and filing and I do some songwriting and recording.

In the evenings I read to Max while he cooks, At the moment I’m reading Mark Lanigan’s autobiography and then we watch something on TV and I clean up kitchen. Tonight was an episode of the great, I’ve also watched a series by myself called Mancs in Mumbai which I’ve really enjoyed, it’s about three brothers and their dad go to Mumbai to look for their families roots.

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