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It's a small world: As lockdown is forever, and tired of having a missing front tooth, with a peg where the crown fell out, I began to despair of ever seeing my Devon dentist. So today, on the spur of the moment, I rang my daughter's dentist to see if she could help with a one-off appointment. She could. Tonight at 7.10pm. Same day!!! So I'm back from Oakham, just across the border in Rutland, with my crown refitted, a very happy bunny. But guess what - the dentist, Hayley, didn't only go to the same (Plymouth) Dental College as my Kingsbridge dentist, Natalie: they were in the same class! What an amazing coincidence!

I picked the right day to act. Apparently, they'd had a cancellation. I'd have had a six-week wait, otherwise! Perhaps it was the Great Pal moving in a mysterious way?!

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