By Ridgeback13

Golden cockerel

Another busy day of meetings. The morning one reviewed progress on the EFI building - boy this is a big project and there's still new stuff being uncovered behind walls and inside the towers, and decisions on balustrades to be made. The topping out took place last month - the regilded golden cockerel was replaced on top of the clocktower. Shame we couldn't go up to be part of the ceremony.
Interesting chat over lunchtime then more meetings all afternoon. Felt a bit wrung out later so went for a fast walk around all the paths on the Meadows....and decided to swing by the Old Royal Infirmary to take a look at the cockerel in situ. This was just after 5pm and it was so lovely to still have daylight, with the sky just starting to turn. 
Home and Mt called with Mx to show me how they'd decorated his bedroom - like a rainforest all green and with lots of plants - looking amazing! Mt's planning to record the Mars landing tonight to watch it with AR in the morning - she's still very into her space exploration
I'd got a Christmas stocking through the post from A&N this afternoon and so I opened it with them on a Facetime call later on - lots of lovely little treats and such a nice surprise. Mind you, brought home to me again that not only had I missed Christmas as planned but I probably won't get down til at least Easter. I'd been hoping I'd maybe get there for my birthday but somehow the weeks have gone by and I doubt I'll manage that either.  

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