A day spent mostly on bookkeeping for our small business, something I have to force myself to do, but it feels good when it's up to date!

Two distractions -
Three large parcels arrived this morning, containing the paint for the hall. Lots of preparation still to do first, but I'm looking forward to applying the colour. Two coats of dark grey undercoat first, and then a much slightly brighter colour than MrM's first choice of "slaty blue" - it will no doubt feature in a Blip in due course.
After several attempts, and resisting the temptation to sign up for Brighton, I finally managed to book a Covid vaccination slightly nearer home (345miles nearer, to be precise) for the middle of next week. Newcastle here we come!

The shapes are the 'branches' from the top part of a metal table lamp, designed so that the light shows through 'trees'. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.

Lockdown 3, day 45

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