By Shutterup


Last week in all that cold frosty weather I had a wander in the garden and spotted this wonderful clump of snowdrops.. dropped.  The frost had turned them limp and they were just lying down.. the top shows them as they look today... much better and seemingly none the worse. Such resilient little flowers.
It has been a busy week.

For my own record .. 
Today the new windows went in on the building development next door. More words were had with the owner.. the once bathroom window (obscured) which only opened by a narrow flap at the top has been replaced with an fully swing open window (clear).  The planning application had a condition that all windows overlooking should be obscured from now and for the future.  However they didn't say they had to be replaced like for like so his argument is that we have no legs to stand on regarding him having an opening window.  So if  this window swings opens anyone within will have a clear and full view of the whole of our garden.. I guess that's it then.. I see no way round this invasion and insensitivity. I don't believe we have any way of preventing it or regaining our privacy.  

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