By Seelye


What a face, what a look. This is where I was last night with Avelino for a bite when we left and saw the family playing music for cash. I was rather surprised they let dogs on the patio but I loved it. He was so well mannered.

Today I tried to meet up with a houseless man that lives in his van and parks by a local Dollar store. People have noticed his van is gone and he and his dog have been sleeping outside. Today I determined from workers in the Dollar store that his van is in the repair shop, his name is Clinton and he's very sweet. Lolo and I have greeted him for 3 and 1/2 years. A group of us on a email neighborhood newspaper decided not to do a Go Fund Me page and instead figure out how to pay the shop directly. I told the cashier's at the Dollar store to ask him to hang out so I can meet with him if he comes in tomorrow morning. It was 37 degrees yesterday morning and 39 this morning, so even though it's Arizona, it's not nighttime warm right now.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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