By madowoi

None Shall Pass

Got out for decent excursion today around Day Mtn. Just kept it simple and stuck to the carriage roads out of respect for the ice. 

It was much easier to walk where the snow had been packed down by others. Walking on this ski trail brought back memories of walking the railroad tracks by the river as a kid in Milwaukee. Now they've all been torn out and replaced by a bike trail that gets a lot of traffic, but back in the day they were mostly deserted, and we would walk along the tracks down to Eastabrook or maybe towards the lake. Walking a rail is easier than going from tie to tie when your legs are short and I could go pretty far like that. 

Then there's this rock. I looked it over and concluded it definitely fell on it's own accord, tumbled over one half-turn, and came to rest like this. Go figure. It wouldn't have been too heavy to move out of the way, but I didn't.

I had a decent crop of photos from the walk and really struggled picking one. In the end I just couldn't, so I've added a couple of extras. I think the extras actually do more to capture the overall mood of the day, but it was hard not to showcase that fallen rock in the end.

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